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Godfathers of honor - 2018 recognitions


The Moto Club Komando Amimoto recognizes



Edgar started riding a motorcycle in the same way as many of his peers, when he was small. Influenced directly by his father, this 33-year-old rider had his first motorcycle at 4 and just spent time from his first training sessions and his debut in competition, in the categories for children from all over Spain. Quite simply, Torronteras is a crazy (good vibes) of the 2 wheels and one of the pioneers of the FMX in Europe. His international motocross career, during the 90s, includes participation in the American AMA SX Championship and participations with good results in most renowned European events. But it seems that with that Edgar does not have enough. While competing in MX as a means to earn a living, the young rider started making his first steps at the FMX in 1995, but it still took him six more years to decide to make freestyle his life. Edgar's relationship with the Red Bull X-Fighters is long and distinguished and his name can be found on the list of entries of the first event in the history of the championship, held in 2001 in Valencia, where he finished in a fantastic second place. In 2002, Edgar won the Madrid event, in which he surpassed legends of the sport such as Mike "Mad" Jones or Mike Metzger, but due to an annoying number of different injuries he has not been able to take part in the contest since 2004, in which it finished in fifth position in the test of the capital of Spain. In addition to the FMX, Edgar can be seen on snowboards or wakeboards, practicing beatboxing, working with children who take their first steps in the MX and consolidating his facet as a DJ in Barcelona. That is, when he is not on the motorbike giving cane in the Bananaface training camp with his colleagues Andreu and Víctor.




Marcos Ramírez (12/16/1997 Conil - Cádiz) successfully participated in several national speed championships until Leopard Racing noticed him for his team in the FIM CEV Repsol Moto3 ahead of the 2016 season. great start of the year, with two victories in his record, Ramírez was second in the standings when the Platinum Bay Real Estate team of the Moto3 ™ World Championship decided to incorporate him until the end of the season to replace Danny Webb. Ramírez had competed in the 2014 Spanish Grand Prix in Moto3 ™ as a wildcard and combined his debut in the lowest of the categories with the FIM CEV Repsol Moto3, where he aspired to the title. 2017 is his first year with a permanent position with the Platinum Bay Real Estate team, where he managed to get on the podium and be the best KTM in the championship. In 2018 he faces his consolidation season, in which he has already achieved 2 podiums.


malagueño pilot recognition 2018



Carlos Siles (08/25/1996, Málaga) was Spanish Champion in Minimotard at the age of fifteen, and he also has a third place in the Supermotard Championship in Andalusia and a fourth in the PreMoto3 category of the Motodes Championship.

In 2012 he began to practice flat track as a training method for the discipline of speed hand Kenny Noyes, learning the technique and coming to teach some courses to beginners until the year 2016 took the step and began to compete:

2016 - 6th category OPEN, Rodi Michelin Cup

2017 - 3rd Trofeo Andaluz Dirt Track

logo carliros siles

nomad pilot recognition 2018




​Juan Carlos García, Pozoblanco (CORDOBA). He has always liked to travel, meet new countries, its people and customs, as well as ride a motorcycle, visiting places as diverse as Route 66 in the US, the Sahara desert in Morocco or the Norwegian fjords.
For professional and personal reasons, he decided to hang up his suit and tie, abandoning his work in banking to combine his two great passions in an ambitious and at the same time risky project. This is how Xuankar World Trip was born.


recognition motorbikes clubs 2018



This story begins in 1974 creating a group of friends the "Escudería el Puntal".

Rota has always had a great biker atmosphere, and its streets since the sixties could see all kinds of Japanese motorcycles and Harleys.

Continuing with the history, it was the year 1977 when it is given the name of Motoclub Roteño, the headquarters is a small garage in the street Pérez de Bedoya, next to the east wall. And for this date the first concentration of the motoclub is made in the pine forest in front of the fairgrounds.

In the following years there are winter concentrations in the Bercial area (settler settlement 10 km from Rota), and in Arroyo Hondo (Pinar de Rota).

Also for some years, the "Ruta del Vino" concentration was held at the end of the summer, but since the thing was warm, this party had to be left.

It was at the end of the eighties when the board of directors of the club called a general assembly and transferred the responsibilities to a new group of young bikers. The venue is moved to the Mayfe bar and the gatherings continue to be held as winter in February and in the fairgrounds.

logo rota

motorcycle club roteño
"the chameleons"


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